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    – We pride ourselves in making sure your car is tuned perfect to meet your needs and goals. We put safety and longevity at the top of the priority list. We know how much time, effort and money goes into cars, so we want you to enjoy your car and not have to worry about negative effects. ¬†Whether it’s a weekend toy, a daily driver, or a full blown race car, we will tune it to meet your needs. While our competitors will simply give you a generic tune that’s slightly altered for your car, we make sure your tune, is YOUR tune. We take pride knowing that every car out there with our name on it runs as good as it can and as safely as possible, all while producing the highest amount of power possible.
    Services – We offer EFI and Carburetor tuning on most makes and models. We are authorized Hondata, Nismotronic, and UpRev dealers. We can also tune COBB, and various other ECU flash devices. We offer open source tuning for Subaru/Mitsubishi, and tune GM (HPTuners) and Ford (SCT through our affiliates at Pro-Tree Performance). We can tune any piggy back including AEM FIC, Greddy Emanage (Blue or EMU), Apex-i S/V-AFC, HKS GCC, etc. We can tune just about any standalone systems from AEM, Haltech, Pro-EFI, VIPEC, to MS, Apex PFC, Hydra and many others.