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Jason’s GTR33

Jason had a vision for his GTR. Make it fast, make it beautiful. Luckily he brought it to the one shop that can do it all in house!! The car came previously fitted with a custom tubular header, Garrett GT4088r, Tomei 260 cams and all the supporting modifications required to make everything sing in harmony. GSD’s team of experts went straight to work on the body first.


We stripped the chassis to bare metal to remove the unknown paint and got it into primer.




Once the body was massaged to perfection, factory OEM silver paint was applied






It was then clear coated and set to dry.




The car then was re-assembled and to finish the look, a new set of wheels set the car off just right.










Jason’s need for speed was the next step. The factory engine was outputting somewhere in the neighborhood of 550 all wheel HP. To ensure the longevity of the engine, a full build was required.

We started with new Wiseco pistons and TOMEI connecting rods.






The engine internals are held together with all ARP hardware and sealed with Cometic and factory gaskets. It’s fueled with a custom fuel system and controlled through an AEM engine management stand alone computer.






The R33 is currently undergoing a few more changes as we get it ready for the 2015 season.





Amanda’s 1969 Camaro

We met Amanda at a local watering hole. She overheard us talking about cars we had at the shop and what we had planned for them. Amanda being Amanda had to butt in and tell us she has a 69 Camaro that no one wanted to touch. The few that said they’d paint it told her it would take anywhere from 1-2 years to complete. We laughed at that, handed her a card and told her to come by when she wanted her car built correctly and in an acceptable time frame. A week or so later she stopped in and this is where the story begins.

Amanda’s 69 Camaro came to us a “custom” wide body yellow and black mess. The car had a smashed in front fender and flares that made us cringe. It really was a shame to see a classic like this in such poor shape.




First step to the process was to strip the car of it’s terrible metal and start seeing what we were working with.



Butchered rear fenders that extended past the factory body lines ensured we would be cutting the quarter panels off this old girl.



Off they come. Josh mocked up the new quarters to get the perfect places to cut.




There’s nothing easy or simple about this procedure, so we had to make sure everything that could ever cause issue in the future was also removed and replaced. Above you see the new wheel tubs installed.



Front end removed



More problem areas are located and taken care of. We don’t just patch/fix, we fully remove cancer/rust and make sure it will never happen again.



In primer and getting there…. slowly.










Above you see a hint of some of the other modifications done to her. DISK BRAKES!! These cars came with a very lacking brake system. Manual brakes and drums were a nightmare for Amanda. This ensured better stopping performance and safety.



Here we go!!!!!






LET THERE BE WHITE!!! Amanda wanted something unique to her. We devised a custom pearl white that was very subtle, but made a difference!!



Next on the list were the stripes. She wanted something that made the car a little different, but did not ruin the simplicity of the paint. We came up with the perfect solution!




White pearl ghost stripes! These can only be seen under certain light and certain conditions. AMAZING!



Next we need to address the hidden headlight doors. The factory vacuum system was faulted from day 1. Our solution, ELECTRIC RETROFIT. It works perfect with no delay and its symmetrical






Almost done!!!!!!


Of course we had to get new wheels and tires. A set of Rocket wheels did the trick and really set the car off.








We replaced her worn old rear end with a new 10 bolt posi unit.



Here she is. Competed and BEAUTIFUL!!!!


Amanda camaro


Amanda camaro2








1984 VW Rabbit GTI

Check out this beautiful 1984 Volkswagen that got a complete make over courtesy of the GSD Auto Body shop. This thing is an absolute attention grabber!



IMG_4520 IMG_4521 IMG_4529 IMG_4530 IMG_4535 IMG_4536 IMG_4537 IMG_4539 IMG_4540 IMG_4541 IMG_4542 IMG_4543 IMG_4544 IMG_4545 IMG_4546 IMG_4547 IMG_4548 IMG_4549 IMG_4550 IMG_4551 IMG_8080IMG_4561


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